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  • 产品名称: Bimetallic Screw

With a view to meet the ever increasing market demands, present day plastic processors have resorted to the use of plastic raw materials which included all kinds of sophisticated ingredient such as glass fiber additive, carbon fiber, mineral stone powder additive, heat-resisting chemical additive, etc., thereby causing serious abrasion and to the barrel and screw as well as reducing their life span. To meet this challenge, our Co. had several kinds of screw which has shown a remarkable anti-abrasion and anti-corrosion resistance in its practical application. Not only PTA treatment on screw flights, also developed the technique of hardness coating of the entire screw surface, so as to bring more benefits to the processors.

Processing Dimension
Internal Diameter:Ø12- Ø 250 mm
Fully-Hard: Maximum Internal Diameter Ø180mm, Maximum Length 4600mm
PTA-Weld: Maximum Length 6000mm
Fully-Coat: Maximum Length 5000mm


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