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  • 产品名称: Bimetallic Cylinder

With a view to up-grade and achieve better stability in quality products, TAN STAR had undertaken great efforts in the field of research and development in order to reach this goal. Since our Co. had gained ISO 9002 certification in the year 1997, we have continued to acquire modern equipment to improve the manufacturing process of our bimetallic barrel and screws.
In order to resist the halogen free fire retarding agent for plastic, now Tan Star raises the tungsten carbide percentage to strengthen the ability of anti- corrosive and anti- abrasive. 
The best new one we called T-60.
Processing Dimension
Internal diameter:Ø14mm - Ø200mm
Maximum Length: 3800mm
Maximum external diameter:Ø365mm
Injection molding. Extrusion molding. Bake-lite molding. Rubber molding
Overall Compare:
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