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Established in:

Taiwan Tan Star Company was founded in 1974, and at that time, the company name was: "WAN CHUNG INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISE";

In 1982, "Tan Star Material Co,.Ltd" was established in Taibei;

In 2001, "Ningbo Tan Star Precision Machinery Co,.Ltd" was established;

Statement: Tan Star Group has never authorize any form of agent externally up to now.


Important results:

In 1992 Start the production of bimetallic barrel and PTA bimetallic alloy screw.

In 1997, Purchased HVOF Spray coating equipment from JAPAN and include the technical skill transfer.

In 1997, passed ISO9002 Quality Certification.

In 2001, special screw for biotechnology (artificial bony ring and joint), the 4th generation Bimetallic centrifugal casting furnace and the 3rd-generation special machine for spray coating screw were successfully developed.

Area of land: 66630 Square Meter.

Annual output: 30,000 sets

Number of employees: 1000 "(including main workshop, Tainan plant, Ningbo factory and 7 service areas)

The products of Tan Star company are suitable for various kinds of plastic materials:

a. General plastic material:

PP, ABS, PS or PVC, PMMA and other transparent plastics, including high glass fibre material. Add fire-proofing agent, mountain flour, transmutation material and the like have stable deforming effect.

b. Special compound plastic:

E.g., ceramic or metal, iron powder-adding plastic.

c. High temperature molding or high anti-abrasion plastic;

E.g., PTFE or high-corrosion adding plastic, capable of achieving certain erosion resistance.

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